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15 March 2019

“Worth every minute”: trekking the Sahara with fundraiser Mark

I had never done anything like this before in my life and knew that it would be so rewarding to push myself while helping others.

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13 March 2019

No one is you, and that is your power.

Shifty and devious anorexia is a master at disguise. Slotting itself nicely into societal norms, the morning gym session or missed breakfasts go unnoticed or are glorified by others in pursuit of aesthetic perfection.

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11 March 2019

Real, raw, recovery... It's all about the little things

I've had EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified), for twelve years now. Although first diagnosed as anorexic binge purge subtype, my habits and behaviours were constantly changing as the years went by.

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8 March 2019

"I have learnt to rest in times of struggle and not to quit."

Eating disorder vs. recovery isn’t as simplistic as poorly or not. It’s a grey fuzzy line and an uphill battle. I understand that you don’t have any energy or drive at the moment but step by step you can rebuild your life.

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6 March 2019

Bulimia: a different mountain to climb

Climbing mountains was often a metaphor for challenge and achievement – especially Everest – but not every challenge was proportional. Bulimia was a completely different mountain.

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1 March 2019

I’m Trans and I have an Eating Disorder

Being open and owning my transition helped me get through it. My eating disorder has been a completely different story.

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28 February 2019

What really triggered my eating disorder

I needed to find some way to disappear and become inconsequential, as if I did society maybe wouldn’t notice the disability. The eating disorder was the only way I could see to do this.

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27 February 2019

I’m a 28-year-old male. In 2018 I finally admitted I had BED.

I always questioned “will I be taken seriously” or “perhaps I’m a just greedy person” or “everyone gets low and comfort eats” or “how can I have a disorder when I seem to have a normal life”.

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26 February 2019

Like everybody, I am a complex individual with unique struggles

Through the years post treatment, I have learned and educated people about the fact eating disorders are mental illnesses that are deadly no matter what the weight, shape, background, sexuality or colour of the person.

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25 February 2019

New research shows eating disorder stereotypes prevent people finding help

Stereotypes about who gets an eating disorder are preventing BAME, LGBT+ and people from less affluent backgrounds from seeking and getting medical treatment, according to research.

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25 February 2019

I AN Male

The myths of eating disorders are stopping people getting help. These myths are making people more ill and in my case these myths destroyed my 17-year-old life.

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19 February 2019

Binge Eating Disorder is real, but recovery is possible!

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when I first experienced symptoms. It feels like I’d been living with binge eating disorder as long as I could remember.

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