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We offer a range of services for those affected by eating disorders. From support with telling someone you have an eating disorder to our Helpline, online support groups aswell as other services and downloadable resources.

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When you contact our Helpline you will speak to a trained support worker experienced in listening and talking to people in a similar situation to you.


Our online directory of eating disorder support services. Search HelpFinder to find Beat Services and Private providers available in your area.

Eating disorder information

Our information and resources will help you find out more about eating disorders and help you approach your GP for help.

How do I tell someone I have an eating disorder?

Telling someone your concerns about the eating disorder and about recovery can be daunting. We've put together an advice page to help you have conversations that will give you the encouragement and support you deserve on the path to recovery.

I'm scared to tell my parents/carers I might have an eating disorder

It's often challenging to decide whether we should trust those around us when we're facing difficulties. By speaking to a trusted adult about your struggles, it can help alleviate some challenges that you may be carrying alone.

How do I get treatment for my eating disorder?

It’s very important to access treatment as early as possible, as earlier treatment means a greater chance of fully recovering from your eating disorder. Your first point of contact is likely to be your GP.

Telephone Support

Get free telephone support now for friendly, non-judgmental advice regarding an eating disorder.

Online Support

Beat offers a range of online support services including one-to-one and group chat. Find the one that's right for you here.

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