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Services for Carers

Beat does not just support those who have or think they might have eating disorders. We are here for anyone affected by an eating disorder. If someone you know is suffering, and you’re supporting them in any capacity, our services are available to you as well.

Talk to Beat

Our free, confidential Helplines are for anyone affected by an eating disorder. They’re open 365 days a year from 9am – midnight on weekdays and 4pm – midnight weekends and bank holidays. Our trained advisors will listen without judgement and offer you guidance and support.

England: 0808 801 6770 |

Scotland: 0808 801 0432 |

Wales: 0808 801 0433 |

Northern Island: 0808 801 0434 |

You can also access our one-to-one web chat as part of our Helpline service.

Peer support

We run an online chat-based peer support group for anyone supporting someone with an eating disorder. The Aviary runs on Sundays from 6.45pm – 8.00pm. These moderated chats are free and anonymous, allowing you to get peer support from others who have similar experiences to you. You can attend as often as you’d like, with no pressure to attend every time. You can find out more about the Aviary here.

We also run Solace, a video-based peer support group. We run several sessions a week, which can be booked in advance here.

Telephone coaching

In select areas, we offer a free peer coaching service, Echo, for anyone supporting someone with an eating disorder. You’ll be paired up with someone else who’s previously cared for someone with an eating disorder. Through weekly 30-minute phone conversations, they’ll give you a space where you feel understood, while empowering you to make the most positive impact possible on your loved one’s recovery.

Peer coaching is about trust, support, and mutual learning. The intention isn’t for the coach to give advice, but to listen, provide a sounding board, and encourage the person they’re supporting to decide on solutions themselves.

Due to funding, we are not yet able to offer Echo nationwide; however, we hope to do so in the future, so please do register your interest even if Echo is not currently available in your area.

We also offer a coaching service via our Helpline. With Nexus, you’ll speak to a Helpline advisor once a week, and work with them to develop a safe, confidential and supportive space, where they will act as a sounding board and empower you to find solutions to the issues you and your loved one are facing and motivate them towards positive change.

Increase your knowledge

Our training courses for those caring for a loved one with anorexia or bulimia provides you with a better understanding of eating disorders, as well as ways to help your loved one on the path to recovery and tips for looking after yourself. We run a range of workshops both online and throughout the country – you can find out more here.

We are currently developing a course for those caring for someone with binge eating disorder – please keep an eye on our training pages.

Support for Carers

Caring for someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder can feel overwhelming and exhausting. It's important you have your own support network and coping mechanisms.

Supporting Somebody

If you’re worried about someone then it’s important to encourage them to seek treatment as quickly as possible to ensure the best chance of recovery.

Carers' Stories

Search our library of stories from those supporting someone through their recovery.

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Beat has support available for carers in Scotland who may be supporting someone with an eating disorder.


Beat has support available for carers in Wales who may be supporting someone with an eating disorder.


Beat has support available for carers in London who may be supporting someone with an eating disorder.