Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

Boys, girls, men and women from all backgrounds and ethnic groups can be affected by eating disorders.

Going to the Doctor

It’s very important to access treatment as early as possible, as earlier treatment means a greater chance of fully recovering from your eating disorder.


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Your Stories

What even is recovery?


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Lucy outside

Bulimia recovery: It’s now or never


I was 12 years old when I first made myself sick. Looking back, I can’t remember...


Refocus Your Thinking on Food, Body and Mind


Recovery is a long road. Sometimes there will be bumps and hills and the occasio...

Supporting Somebody With an Eating Disorder

If you’re worried about someone then it’s important to encourage them to seek treatment as quickly as possible to ensure the best chance of recovery.

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Search HelpFinder, Beat's directory of eating disorder services. Listings include NHS centres, counsellors, therapists, private clinics & support groups near you.

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