Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses. People of all ages, genders, ethnic groups and backgrounds can be affected.

Supporting Somebody With an Eating Disorder

If you’re worried about someone then it’s important to encourage them to seek treatment as quickly as possible.


More people to be trained to spot eating disorders thanks to the...


More young sufferers and their families will benefit from Beat’s vital support a...

Welsh research team seeking views on tele-psychiatry in CAMHS

Welsh research team seeking views on tele-psychiatry in CAMHS


A research team based in Aneurin Bevan University Health Board is seeking views...


Funding boost for children and young people’s eating disorder se...


The NHS in England has this summer pledged a major boost to the funding of child...


Your Stories

"I love myself more than I ever did"


I thought my story started eight years ago at the age of 36, when after rapidly...

Alex in Australia

Travelling Overseas with an Eating Disorder


I’ve been thinking for a while about writing a post about my experiences travell...


Trapped in a cage wanting to be free


This Is a message for Anorexia. When I was around 17 I felt you grew stronger a...

Going to the Doctor

It’s very important to access treatment as early as possible, as earlier treatment means a greater chance of fully recovering from your eating disorder.

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Search HelpFinder, Beat's directory of eating disorder services. Listings include NHS centres, counsellors, therapists, private clinics & support groups near you.

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Beat on the Ground

Beat on the Ground is a new approach to tackling eating disorders in your area, equipping healthcare and education professionals, and empowering those affected.

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Training & CPD

Learn how to pick up on early signs of eating disorders, how to approach someone you’re concerned about, and what you can do to help them into the treatment they need.

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