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Beat and NHS Working in Partnership

Beat works with NHS partners to help people get into treatment faster and to achieve a quick and sustainable recovery. Our belief is that we can provide non-clinical support quickly, effectively and cheaply, leaving NHS clinicians more time to do the clinical work that they have been trained for.

We can provide some of our services to NHS partners free of charge. For other services we have to pass on our costs to you, but we never take a profit from our work with NHS partners.

We provide services in the following areas:

Please click on the area of interest for more information. A summary of the services is also available as a printable information sheet.

For more information about a partnership with Beat, please contact Alex Blandford, Public Sector Partnerships Lead via email.

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1-1 Support For People with an Eating Disorder

'Bolster' support programme

1-1 coaching support for adults with emerging eating disorders, who are unable to access treatment. Weekly telephone sessions delivered for up to 6 months by Specialist Advisors using the Centre for Clinical Intervention’s ‘Overcoming Disordered Eating’ programme.

'Motivate' support for people on a waiting list

A weekly scheduled telephone support session over 3 months from a Specialist Advisor, supported by a monthly moderated peer support group, to help adult service users remain motivated while waiting for treatment for anorexia or bulimia nervosa. Using motivational interviewing techniques, the sessions help ensure people are in the best frame of mind when treatment starts.

'Momentum' Binge Eating Disorder guided self help

NICE-recommended treatment for adults with BED via eight telephone support sessions of 20-25 minutes each, delivered over 12 weeks by Specialist Advisors using the guided self-help book ‘Overcoming Binge Eating’.

'SharEd' peer to peer support for young people

Six months of support from a Beat volunteer befriender aged between 18–35 years old who has recovered from their own eating disorder, in the form of 1-3 emails per week, moderated by a Beat Helpline Advisor.

Group Support For People with an Eating Disorder

Online peer support

Various groups are available free of charge every day, catering for different support needs. All are moderated by a Beat Helpline Advisor.

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1-1 Support For Families & Carers

'Nexus' carer support programme

12 weeks of 1-1 telephone coaching support for parents, siblings, partners and others caring for someone with an eating disorder. A trained Beat advisor will provide a place to talk about their experience and empower them with practical skills to help their loved one achieve positive change.

Group Support For Families & Carers

Online peer support

Various groups are available free of charge every day, catering for different support needs. All are moderated by a Beat Helpline Advisor.

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Training & Information For Families & Carers

Developing Dolphins

Training to empower carers to provide the best possible guidance as they help a loved one towards recovery. A series of 5 weekday evening sessions, delivered over Zoom by experienced eating disorder clinicians and lived experience tutors, in which parents and carers, using the ‘New Maudsley method’, are taught to gently ‘swim’ alongside their loved one, giving them guidance to make their own progress.

Raising Resilience

Workshops to help carers tackle specific challenges commonly faced when caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. A series of 5 weekly live workshops delivered over Zoom by experienced eating disorder clinicians and lived experience tutors, with a focus on developing and practising additional skills needed to help and support someone with an eating disorder.

Carer information pack

A printed package to be given to carers when their loved one is diagnosed with an eating disorder. With 9 sections including information about the illness, treatment, recovery and the carer’s role, the pack is currently available free-of-charge thanks to a National Lottery grant, and will always be included with any service Beat is commissioned to provide.

Strategic Support for Health Care Providers and Training for Clinicians


'Schools Professionals Online Training (SPOT)': Teachers and other school-based professionals ideally placed to spot the early signs of an eating disorder are taught how to spot those signs and how to talk effectively to a young person who may be suffering, encouraging and supporting them to seek treatment as soon as possible. 

The training comprises online e-learning modules, and bite-sized videos pre-recorded by eating disorder clinicians, followed by lifetime access to an online peer support ‘community of practice’ facilitated by an expert clinician and a Beat Lived Experience Ambassador. Also includes downloadable resources and lesson plans. 

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Early intervention

Direct referrals: As encouraged in the 2019 NHS England Adult Eating Disorder Commissioning Guidance, allowing referrals from charity partners will save considerable GP time while optimising the chances of eating disorder services being able to treat people more quickly and effectively. 

Beat’s helpline is ideally placed to make referrals with or on behalf of people seeking an assessment for a likely eating disorder and we will provide this service free of charge for any willing partner.

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Clinician Training

Beyond the Symptoms clinician training: Tailored education packages for various groups of health and medical professionals ensuring they understand the importance and prevalence of eating disorders, how to spot and respond to the early warning signs, signpost to ED services, and overcome service user resistance. Suitable for a range of staff including those working in A&E, primary care, dental surgeries and more. Delivered by an experienced eating disorder clinician supported by a Beat Lived Experience Ambassador via webinar, e-learning and Zoom-based Q&A, with continued access to a regular Zoom-based clinician-led peer support group for ongoing support and consultation.

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Clinical Advisory Group

All our services are developed in consultation with NHS and academic partners, and co-produced with our beneficiaries with guidance from our multidisciplinary Clinical Advisory Group of senior clinicians: