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My skydive has helped me with recovery - it has reminded me what I am recovering for

Take part along with hundreds of other brave fundraisers, and skydive together to help end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders.

Read about Abi's long-awaited skydive below!

What motivated you to fundraise for Beat?

I wanted to raise money for BEAT because Beat has supported my family and I over the past five years that I have struggled with an eating disorder. I know first-hand how draining and restricting living with an eating disorder can be and I wanted to raise awareness that there is help and support available. Anyone who struggles with any type of eating disorder is not alone – recovery is possible. Finding the strength to go through recovery was the best decision I have ever made and consequently saved my life. I am so much happier, healthier, and more myself without my identity being fully controlled by my illness.

What has been your favourite part of the experience?

My favourite part was the free fall just as you drop out of the plane. It felt like I was floating, and it was so freeing! I remember spinning and seeing the clouds above me and thinking “this is insane!!” There was also an overwhelming sense of pride as the parachute went up and I was just gliding through the sky. I felt like it really hit me then just how far I had come and how amazing it was that I was doing this skydive to raise money and help others in receiving the same support that I did.

My instructor was also the friendliest man ever who supported me the whole way and made the experience so much more fun and exciting - so, shout out to Pete!

You had to wait a long time to skydive thanks to the pandemic, was it worth the wait?

My skydive was postponed 5 times (!!) but it was definitely worth the wait! Although the build up to it is scary (especially as you prepare yourself for the jump one day but then the date changes and you have to keep waiting) the nerves were all worth it! I would recommend it to anyone; it was one of the best experiences ever!

How have you balanced your fundraising and your recovery?

In a way, I think doing this fundraising event has helped me with recovery because it has reminded me what I am recovering for. I am recovering to be able to do exciting things such as a skydive and just enjoy my life and I am hopefully inspiring others to use their strength to get help and recover too.

I have gained so much support from family and friends through this fundraising activity and by taking about my experiences with an eating disorder. It has further supported my recovery in reminding me that I am not alone. My therapist said (which I now have tattooed!): “Only look backwards to see how far you’ve come.” Doing this fundraising event has really helped me to see how far I have come and how much recovery is worth it.

Sum up your experience in 3 words:

Exhilarating, freeing, rewarding!

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Take part along with hundreds of other brave fundraisers, and skydive together to help end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Here, Abi tells us about her post-lockdown skydive challenge.

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