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Funding for young people’s eating disorder services diverted despite rising demand

Clinical Commissioning Groups in England increased their spending on children and young people’s community eating disorder services by just £1.1m in 2019/20, despite having received an extra £11 million in funding for these services, a new report has found.

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New Government announcement about plans to address obesity

The Government has announced new plans to support those living with obesity to lose weight. This announcement follows the Government’s obesity strategy “tackling obesity”, which was launched in July 2020.

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Beat's statement on COVID-19 vaccine prioritisation

Beat recommends that individuals suffering from an eating disorder should be considered a priority for the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Lords call for greater support for people living with eating disorders

Beat are pleased to report that this week in the House of Lords a number of questions were raised about support for people with eating disorders.

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