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Current Campaigns

With all of our campaigns, we are moving closer to getting everyone with an eating disorder the early treatment they need and deserve.

Say 'NO' to calories on menus in Wales

The Welsh government is considering adding mandatory calorie-labelling on menus. The research shows that calories labelling harms people with eating disorders. Here’s what you can do about it.

Welsh Eating Disorder Service Review - 3 Years On

Beat's report has found that 3 years after the 2018 review of eating disorder services in Wales progress has been uneven meaning that people with eating disorders are still victims of the postcode lottery.

FREE GP Training Now Available

In collaboration with Health Education England, we’ve developed a course that equips all UK GP surgeries with the knowledge to spot the signs of an eating disorder. Our ask is simple: that you share our comprehensive learning package with your GP.

Worth More Than 2 Hours

Research has shown that, on average, UK undergraduate medical students receive less than two hours of teaching on eating disorders, throughout their entire medical degree. Help us fix this.