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Campaign with Beat

Our vision is an end to the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Campaign with us to help make that vision a reality.


Every day on our helpline we hear about the difficulties faced by those seeking help for their eating disorder. People misdiagnosed, not listened to or referred onto long waiting lists.

We’re campaigning to make a difference to the lives of every one of those people.

We’re fighting across the UK for greater awareness of eating disorders; for healthcare professionals to have a better understanding of them and to be empowered to make immediate referrals to high quality treatment . Treatment that supports the individual and their loved ones. Treatment that is accessible, person-centred and leads to a full and sustained recovery.

Current Campaigns

How to Campaign

You’ve realised that something needs to change, but what do you do now?

Policy Work

We have developed our policies over a number of years to guide our work supporting those affected by eating disorders.

The Impact We're Having

Campaigning can take time. But we’ve seen some positive steps forward as a result of our campaigning so far.