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Support someone else

Support Someone Else

We offer a range of services for those affected by eating disorders. We can help you support your loved one, friend or colleague via our Helpline, support and training programmes and online resources .

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When you contact our Helpline you will speak to a trained support worker experienced in listening and talking to people in a similar situation to you.


Our online directory of eating disorder support services. Search HelpFinder to find Beat Services and Private providers available in your area.

Eating disorder information

Our information and resources will help you find out more about eating disorders and help you approach your GP for help.

If you know somebody who has an eating disorder or who you think might have an eating disorder, Beat can help you. On these pages you can find information about starting important conversations with someone you’re worried about, how you can help them during their treatment and throughout their wider recovery journey, and advice for taking care of your own wellbeing while supporting someone with an eating disorder. And remember, Beat’s support services are here for you as well as the person you’re caring for.

You may also find our Guide for Friends and Family booklet helpful. For younger carers, we offer an alternative guide for 11 – 18 year olds.


Our services: Here to help

Whether you need 1-2-1 support, want to connect with others or to learn new skills, our range of support services can help.

POD - Beat's e-learning platform

POD (peer support and online development) is Beat's e-learning platform for anyone supporting someone with an eating disorder. POD provides you with a space to learn, share and find community through workshops, courses and forums.

I'm worried about someone

Worried about a loved one

Information on how to support a friend or family member affected by an eating disorder.

Worried about a pupil

While eating disorders can affect anyone of any age, young people are at particular risk.

Worried about a colleague

Anyone can be affected whatever their level in an organisation.

Supporting a loved one in recovery

Tips for Supporting Somebody

If you’re worried about someone then it’s important to encourage them to seek treatment as quickly as possible to ensure the best chance of recovery.

Your Role in Treatment

Families, partners, friends and other carers can play an essential role in the recovery of their loved one

Stages of Change

The ‘stages of change’ cycle can be helpful to understand more about where your loved one is in terms of thoughts around behaviour change, and what to expect.

Training and Workshops

Our free skills workshops help anyone caring for someone in a personal capacity to develop skills to work with their loved one towards recovery.

Support for Carers

Caring for someone who has been diagnosed with an eating disorder can feel overwhelming and exhausting. It's important you have your own support network and coping mechanisms.

How Beat Can Support You

Beat supports anyone affected by an eating disorder. If someone you know is suffering, and you’re supporting them in any capacity, our services are available to you as well.

Support services

Telephone Support

Get free telephone support now for friendly, non-judgmental advice regarding supporting someone with an eating disorder.

Online Support

Beat offers a range of online support services including one-to-one and group chat. Find the one that's right for you here.

Training For Professionals

This course offers comprehensive eating disorder training for nurses and other professionals with clients within the UK.

Carers Skills Workshops

Beat run a range of eating disorders skills workshops for parents and carers.

Resources for Carers

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