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Eating Disorders do not have “a look”

We need to challenge the perception that anorexia is purely about body image, or that we are ‘choosing’ not to eat.

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How writing and the countryside saved me

The natural world has taught me about transience, how to appreciate each delicate thread of life’s vibrant tapestry.

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With recovery, I have experienced how it feels to fly

Like bees and every other living organism, I know deep down that I deserve to eat too, I deserve to care for myself.

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'I am Me'

Lauren chose to use her own experiences to produce something positive: a picture book about eating disorders!

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Sam's 'Tea and a Treat for Beat'

Sam got creative during the pandemic with his fundraising for the London Marathon!

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My skydive has helped me with recovery - it has reminded me what I am recovering for

Abi's skydive was postponed 5 times due to the pandemic, but it was certainly worth the wait!

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5 Things to Remember When You Want to Give Up

Recovery is wonderfully messy; making mistakes is all part of the process... Each stand you take against your eating disorder is another huge step toward recovery.

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‘Most have found the past year extremely hard’: Dave’s story

Aware of the challenges faced by those experiencing eating disorders during the pandemic, Beat fundraiser Dave has shown astounding resilience and creativity to raise money for Beat.

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