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Beat 1-2-5 Challenge

Whether you walk, run, cycle or dance - move your feet for Beat so we can be here for more people affected by eating disorders.

Double up your fundraising with the Beat 1-2-5 Challenge.

Eating disorders are scary, isolating and lonely illnesses. We want to make everyone feel like we stand with the 1.25 million sufferers in the UK today and that we are there for them.

This year, our fantastic new campaign ‘Beat 1-2-5’ will take place the week of 7th -13th October, to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2024.

Come together with friends and family and move your feet for Beat!

Join the Beat 1-2-5 Challenge this October to spread a message of strength, solidarity and hope and tell the 1.25 million - you are not alone!

And thanks to the generosity of a charitable foundation we will match your fundraising to make double the impact. Our partner will match donations up to a total value of £50k, so help us raise £100,000 by signing up to the Beat 1-2-5 Challenge *

Sign up for the Beat 1-2-5 Challenge today to receive a digital guide with more information about next steps!

What will your challenge be?


Why not wrap up warm and get your walking shoes on?! You could walk to work, take a lunchtime walk or even find a new route to explore.

How about: 1 day – 2 friends – 5 miles?!


The mental benefits that come with running are plentiful so why not dig out those running shoes! Go at your own pace and enjoy the views!

How about 1 mile – 2 x per week – 5 people?!


Cycle asset

Getting out on a bike is one of the easiest ways to discover the great outdoors! Why not hop on and take in all of the beautiful things around you?!

How about: 1 bike - 2 x per week - 5 miles?!


Does putting on your favourite tunes and busting out some moves put a smile on your face?! Why not create a new playlist and get dancing!

How about: 5 friends, learn 12 new dance moves?!

How do I take part?

  1. Sign up and set up your Just Giving page.
  2. Personalise your page - set your target and let everyone know why this challenge is important to you.
  3. Get started - Share your page and start walking, running, cycling or dancing!

Get started and set up your Just Giving page!

What if physical activity is not for you right now? No problem, here are more ideas to help:

Knit - Get creative and move those fingers instead of your feet!

How about:
person – 2 scarves – 5 colours

Bake - Are you a budding Paul Hollywood or Prue Leith? Why not put those baking skills to the test?

How about:

1 hour – 2 friends – 5 different flavours

Bingo – Just choose a location, ask people to make a donation to come along and you’re all set!

How about:

1 location – 2 hours – 5 people

Ideas for The Beat 1-2-5 Challenge at school

Walk and talk

Can you get 125 students to join in? Or a combined team target for the whole school of 125 around the sports field and school grounds?

Awareness day

Put up 1-2-5 Beat bunting/paper chains around the school, distribute leaflets and stickers.

Run a Beat Car wash

Students can take turns in washing cars throughout a whole day. Make sure to let your local council know as well as all parents and teachers. We’ll provide contact cards to put on the windscreens as the cars leave all shiny and sparkly.

12.5h Dance-a-thon

In plain clothes or fancy dress, throw your best dance moves in teams! Set up your Just Giving page and get everyone involved in making the costumes and choosing the music.

Make 125 Handmade cards

Positive quotes, self-worth tips, celebrate you cards... Let your team’s creativity run free. You can then sell or donate the cards to parents, teachers or your local community and make everyone happy this October.

The Beat 1-2-5 Challenge with your colleagues

1.25PM Walk and talk

Go for a sponsored walk with your colleagues, have a good catch up and raise awareness about eating disorders.

Bake 125 cupcakes

Hold a bake sale in your workplace and brighten the working day by providing some tasty goodies for your colleagues to purchase!

Make 125 blankets, hats, masks, office tea towels...

Your keen knitters/sewers can teach the rest of the team so everyone can take part. Depending on what you make, why not donate to charity afterwards 😊

1.25PM Lunch and learn

Invite colleagues to bring their lunch and eat while you learn something new and raise money for Beat!

Office quiz

Hold an office quiz and let us help you! Play one quiz round per day and let us provide you with 12 Beat related questions to answer! Email us at for more info!

Excited to get started?! Click here to sign up!

Don’t forget to enquire about Matched Giving with your employer - Whether you’re raising money in the office or outside of work, ask your employer about matched giving. Lots of our fundraisers have doubled the amount raised by their employer so don't be afraid to ask.

Want some advice on your idea that is not listed above? Email the fundraising team and we can help you with your plans!

Please follow our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your fundraising is suitable, legal, and safe for everyone involved. It’s important to choose a fundraising activity that is right for you. It’s especially important that you choose an appropriate fundraising activity if you have previous experience of an eating disorder or are in recovery.

*Any donations raised over the £50k target will count as extra, unmatched, unrestricted donations to our campaign. FIND OUT MORE –