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POD - Peer Support and Online Development for Carers

Support, Learn, Engage

POD is a space designed for people who are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder.

We have worked closely with our service users, ambassadors and eating disorder clinicians to help us to shape this platform, ensuring that the information we are sharing is clinically sound, as well as meeting the needs of those who will be accessing it.

What does POD offer me?

POD is an e-learning platform and community for carers that provides you with online modules, resources and spaces to talk with peers to help you better support your loved one. With POD's catalogue of free online e-learning modules you can learn more about eating disorders and how to be an effective carer.

Our instructor-led workshop are accessible through POD:

- Developing Dolphins
- Raising Resilience
- Harnessing Hope
- Coping with Celebrations

When the sessions are over you'll have the chance to continue conversations started in your group in a dedicated workspace.

Learn new skills

Through POD, you can access a wide range of interactive e-learning modules. Using a combination of written, visual, and video-based learning tools, you’ll learn more about the basics of eating disorders, the psychology behind what your loved one is experiencing, and what to expect from treatment. You’ll also learn about useful tools to support your loved one in recovery, such as motivational interviewing, the stages of change model, and how to avoid accommodating or enabling behaviours.

Engage with a community that understands

You’re not alone in supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. With POD, you can connect with others who have the same experiences and worries as you. Through our peer support forums, you’ll be able to discuss what you’re learning, and share information, resources and ideas with others caring for someone with an eating disorder. These forums will be regularly reviewed by the Beat team to protect the safety of the community.

Each week, you’ll also be able to access drop-in spaces to meet with Beat’s Clinical Associate Trainers, who’ll be on hand to offer you guidance and support.

POD, our online platform for carers!

Forums, courses, workshops and community; all available on POD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use POD?

POD is a space designed for people who are supporting a loved one with an eating disorder so, if a loved one or someone you care for is dealing with an eating disorder, POD is for you.

What will I find on POD?

POD is home to a range of learning opportunities that will equip you to support your loved one. On the platform, you'll find e-learning modules, peer-support forums, workshops, drop-in spaces to speak to Clinical Associate Trainers and more.

How do I access POD?

Access to POD can be found here. On your first visit to the platform you'll be asked to create a log-in, after doing this, you'll gain full access to the platform and will be able to use the forums, complete e-learning modules and book onto workshops.

Is POD free to use?

Yes, POD is completely free to use and you can use the platform for as long as you need it.

Will your current workshops still exist?

Yes, our current workshops; Developing Dolphins, Raising Resilience, Harnessing Hope and Coping with Celebrations are accessible through POD, and there you will also have the chance to continue the conversation with those in your group through our workspaces function.

When can I access POD?

You can create an account and access the platform here.

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