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21 December 2020

"This year has taught me to be kinder to myself"

What a year 2020 has been in general for everyone – it was a year no one ever could have imagined, from panic buying, toilet roll shortages, lockdowns and restrictions. Yet for so many, including me, the battle against an eating disorder continued.

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18 December 2020

Top tips for supporting a loved one this Christmas

I understand how the hustle and bustle of Christmas bells and laughter can be so quickly swept away by the intrusion of food-related thoughts that spark from the voice of an eating disorder. I wanted to remind each of you that even though things appear rather dark right now, there is hope!

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13 October 2020

"It is who I am that is important, and not how I look"

I wanted to fundraise for Beat because I suffer from anorexia nervosa. I reached crisis last year when I was hospitalised for six months, but that should never have happened.

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7 October 2020

Living with Bulimia asks us to rethink how we view eating disorders

Living with Bulimia lifts the lid on the truth about eating disorders. Now we must reconsider the way we think about and treat them.

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25 September 2020

Obesity and eating disorders are not separate issues

I can say now with confidence that the government’s obesity strategy is not going to work.

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23 September 2020

You are not alone with binge eating

I can’t remember exactly when my relationship with food became toxic but, once it did, it was like a snowball rolling down a hill, getting larger and larger and faster and faster.

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21 September 2020

There is hope in the depths of your ocean

I want to say that my disordered eating habits crept up on me, but I remember giving this side of my disorder great thought and careful consideration. It was my disordered thinking that weaved its way into my mind and took hold.

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18 September 2020

A note to those in quasi-recovery

As an individual who often struggles to verbalise disordered thoughts, attempting to engage in therapy and meaningful conversations is something I find hugely challenging. I

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11 September 2020

Witnessing my sister’s experience made an impression of its own

I reached out to Beat hoping to become a volunteer about six months ago. Before that, I hadn’t heard of the phrase ‘sibling carer’ and had never really thought of myself as being one.

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20 August 2020

"Prioritise emotional health over academic achievement"

I was hugely unhappy and suffering with mental health issues all throughout my teens. In a very dramatic and extreme way, I learned the very hard lesson that I was not able to reach my full potential unless I started to accept and take care of myself.

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19 August 2020

Dear A-Level Exam Students

Exam results certainly don’t define you. And exam results that were downgraded according to a dubious algorithm definitely don’t.

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3 August 2020

The Effect of Calorie Counts on Menus

I first learned what a calorie was before I started nursery school. Not a unit of energy, not something we need to keep us alive, but something to evade, something dangerous that hid in food and was to be avoided at all costs

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