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Sara's skydiving fundraising story

In April 2023 I decided I needed a new challenge. I found out about taking part in a charity skydive when looking on Beat's website and I knew this would be the perfect way for me to overcome my fear of heights.

I wanted to challenge myself to experience something new and take on a once in a lifetime opportunity. I chose to skydive for Beat as they support a cause extremely close to my heart and a cause I feel personally connected to. I knew if I could complete this challenge, I could do anything.

I created a JustGiving page as well as connecting with colleagues and sharing my story. I found a mixture of online and in person fundraising successful and even held a bake sale at work to help me reach my target.

I ordered balloons and a t shirt from Beat’s free fundraising materials and used these to promote my fundraising. Having materials from Beat was useful to raise awareness and start conversations about my skydive.

On the day of my skydive I felt extremely excited. All my fears disappeared - even my fear of heights. I knew if I could overcome my eating disorder, I could skydive from a plane. Especially if it meant raising funds and awareness to help others overcome their eating disorders too.

The skydive itself felt incredibly freeing. I felt liberated and empowered as I soared through the skies and took in the view.

As soon as I landed on the ground I felt a sense of closure towards my eating disorder. All my fundraising had paid off and I felt proud knowing my hard work and courage had helped raise awareness of eating disorders and the support Beat offers.

I would encourage anyone to take on a skydive for Beat. I loved living in the moment whilst up in the clouds and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Go for it!

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