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13 July 2020

Life is waiting for me, as it is for you

To this day, my relationship with food is a complex one, but I am very much of the belief that next year will be better, and the year after that will be even better.

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10 July 2020

"One day I will get there"

The first time my mum worried I might have an eating disorder, I was 12. I was a competitive athlete, and a knee injury prevented me from training. I was terrified of gaining weight – I’d been afraid of being ‘fat’ throughout my childhood.

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8 July 2020

"It is in no way a sign of weakness asking for help"

Everyone who is suffering with an eating disorder or any mental health issues should not be afraid to ask for help and get support.

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3 July 2020

The ‘Corona-Coaster’

Even now, years into my recovery, I struggle with anxiety around change and loss of control. Feelings that have been magnified by the events over the last few months. I can easily recognise how these current additional anxieties we are all facing could be extremely overwhelming for those still in the midst of their battle with an eating disorder.

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1 July 2020

A Change of Direction

I have also been frustrated with myself for making what I thought was ‘little’ progress in my recovery. However, I now realise that I need to stop criticising myself, and instead be proud of where I am today.

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29 June 2020

Fundraising for Beat Helped Me Find Meaning in Lockdown

When lockdown came into force – what seems like a whole lifetime ago – I struggled. Like many people who experience eating problems, I felt so threatened by the changes in routine, the limited availability of certain foods, the massive uncertainty of it all

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26 June 2020

Managing guilt during the coronavirus pandemic

Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break – worrying and feeling guilty about food, exercise and weight gain is not essential and will make an already difficult and anxiety-ridden period worse.

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24 June 2020

"I've not only gained weight; I've gained happiness"

I want to shed some light on diet culture and what it drove me to do to myself for eight years. I will never get those eight years back, but what I do know is that I will never put myself through all the self-inflicted pain it took in order to look a certain way.

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22 June 2020

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Recovery in Self-Isolation

Self-isolation is hard for everyone right now; everyone with an eating disorder is aware that there is pressure on every single person’s mental health.

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10 June 2020

Let the Light In

In the present chaos of COVID-19, I write these words from my own personal story as a reminder to your precious self that there is light in the midst of the uncertainty, confusion and calamity.

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5 June 2020

"We're all figuring it out as we go along"

Now, I’m having to source ingredients and make food-related decisions in the moment, thus shaking me from my self-imposed reverie. This, added to my constant fear of someone coughing on me next to the tubs of Hellmans makes what should be a straightforward activity into a frantic, emotionally charged scenario.

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