Supporting someone with an eating disorder? Visit POD our support hub for carers

Training for Parents and Carers

Beat run a number of skills workshops for carers and those supporting someone with an eating disorder. Find the right workshop for you below.

Beat’s online groups and Helpline are available to any carers who may need support, as well as anyone affected by eating disorders.


POD - Beat's e-Learning Platform

POD (peer-support & online development) is Beat's online learning platform, designed to provide people supporting someone with an eating disorder with a space to learn, share experiences and find community. On the platform you'll find a range of workshops, e-learning modules and forums that will help to equip you with the skills you need to support your loved one.

Developing Dolphins

Our Developing Dolphins workshop is for those who have been caring for a loved one with anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia nervosa for less than five years.

Raising Resilience

Raising Resilience is a series of online workshops for carers. Along with others caring for someone with an eating disorder, you’ll learn new skills from an experienced eating disorder clinician.

Carers Packs

Our resource pack for parents and carers is a comprehensive guide for those whose loved one has recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Request one today.