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Our services if you’re supporting someone with an eating disorder

Eating disorders affect not only the person who’s ill, but those around them too. If you’re supporting someone with an eating disorder, our carer services have been designed with you in mind.

Whether you need 1-2-1 emotional support, want to connect with others or to learn new skills, our range of support services can help.


Developing Dolphins

Gain confidence, communication skills, and other ways to support your loved one.

Raising Resilience

Understand common challenges and learn new skills – then put them into practice.

  • Five weekly online workshops
  • Learn from experienced clinicians

Coaching programmes


A safe space, empowering you to support your loved one.

  • 12 weekly one-to-one calls with a trained advisor
  • For anyone (18+) who is caring for a loved one (13+)


Reflect and collaborate with others caring for someone with ARFID.

  • Eight 90-minute group sessions
  • For anyone caring for a young person (5-15) with ARFID
  • Join us weekly


A safe space, empowering you to support your loved one with ARFID.

  • 12 weeks of support via zoom
  • For carers of young people (5 – 17)

Support groups

Coping with Celebrations

Understand the challenges of Celebrations – and how to handle them.

  • One-off e-learning module and online workshop
  • A chance to connect with other families

POD - Peer Support and Online Development for Carers

Supporting someone with an eating disorder? Join our online community.

A space to learn, share experiences and find support.

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