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Recovery must be your choice, the one you must make despite the eating disorder feeling like your only friend, this is not real, it’s an illusion, it’s all fake.

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At school her best friend called her fat. She took up a measuring tape and that was that.

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"Now I am living"

I wake up each morning, I take a deep breath, I sit there and listen, To thoughts in my head.

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My recovery. My journey.

Rewind to a few years ago. On the surface, I was a happy 26-year-old who seemed to have her life all worked out... Yet underneath, I was coming up to my tenth year battling bulimia.

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In a world of uncontrollable it was something she could control

This young lady has an eating disorder and it's about time I stop being ashamed and hiding away.

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I am getting there through honesty with others and myself

When I was about 13, I stopped eating for a bit, just to see how it felt, what it would do. Prior to this, I don't think I had been even vaguely concerned about my weight and, to be honest, I don't know what it was that triggered it.

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Me, Myself and Bulimia

Before being diagnosed as having bulimia, I was a happy teenager full of life and always loved going out. Before the diagnosis, I had no clue about eating disorders.

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Committed to Recovery

I realised that in the past I did want to get better and be recovered but I wasn’t ready to face the fear, to accept the changes and battle against my eating disorder.

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My body deserves all the nourishment, love and care in the world

Sometimes, I look back at my young, innocent, happy, fit, strong, healthy, beautiful self and I wonder why I ever wanted to be anything else. Now I wish above anything to have this back.

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Ana is not a friend

There were two of me – there was Ana (the anorexia) and then there was the real me. I felt like I was being controlled by Ana, and the more food I ate the more my own personality came back.

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Life does get better!

After looking back on the years of my life that were taken due to my eating disorder, I realise how much I now love my life and want to keep recovering every day.

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You have to work hard to achieve recovery, but it is achievable.

Bulimia isn’t a disease or bug you just get over by taking antibiotics. It is a mental illness that takes over.

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