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Endeavour - ARFID carer support group


Endeavour is a peer support group for parents and carers of children and young people aged 5-15, with an ARFID (Avoidance/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) diagnosis and/or displaying ARFID behaviours and presentations.

What is ARFID?

Common ARFID behaviours may include:

  • Avoiding or restricting foods based on senses and textures
  • Concerns about the consequence of eating
  • Anxiety or sensory overload when eating new foods or eating in new environments
  • A lack of understanding of hunger/appetite cues
  • A lack of interest in food

What is Endeavour?

A weekly 90-minute peer support group delivered via Zoom by one of Beat’s experienced eating disorder clinicians.

Learning over of a period of 8 weeks, you will deepen your understanding of ARFID by looking at the common behaviours and presentations, as well as improving your understanding of the experience of food for individuals with ARFID. Over the duration of the programme, you will learn new skills and communication techniques to improve your confidence in communicating your loved ones needs with school and healthcare professionals.

The aim of the group is for you to feel supported in a safe space, where you can talk openly about your situation, share your emotions and how you are managing with your young person’s ARFID behaviours.

Who can attend Endeavour?

Endeavour is open to you if:

  • Your loved one is aged between 5 and 15 at the start of the programme.
  • Your loved one has ARFID behaviours/presentations (formal diagnosis of ARFID is not essential).
  • You are able to commit to the 8-week programme and agree to follow the group guidelines.

Please note up to 2 carers per young person are able to attend the sessions.

If you or your loved one have active intent/plans to end their life or are in crisis, Endeavour will not be an appropriate support service for you. If you are experiencing this, we recommend you contact emergency services, your GP, the Samaritans or Papyrus for support.

How can I access Endeavour?

Endeavour is currently available without referral across the whole of Scotland and Northern Ireland and the following areas in England: York, Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight.

Please check with your local Eating Disorder Service if you are based elsewhere as there are other locations open to those clinically referred.

Date Register

Wednesday 15th May - 3rd July with Sukie 7:00 - 8:30pm

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Tuesday 28th May - 16th July with Tracey 10:00 - 11:30am

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Thursday 27th June - 15th Aug with Kim 10:00 - 11:30am

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Download our PDF about Endeavour here. This leaflet is also available in Welsh.