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Q&A: Trekking Iceland for Beat

Kelly took part in a trek through the Icelandic wilderness to fundraise for Beat & has answered some questions to inspire other fundraisers!

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I felt incredibly nervous, yet excited too

It was in July this year that I completed the Iceland Trek. I signed up in August last year, thinking I had plenty of time to get my act together.

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Trekking through an eating disorder

For me, this was not simply a journey of losing weight, getting fitter, and gaining strength. In fact, those things were secondary in my mind.

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Glaciers, Geysers, Great New Friends – Trek across Iceland for Beat

Bathsheba describes her incredible trek through the Icelandic wilderness to raise money for Beat.

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Fundraising for Beat: Tough Mudder & TrekFest

As I began to recover I was very determined to ‘give something back’ to the charity that had helped me so much.

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Finding my feet to negotiate the path of recovery

Taking part in Trekfest and raising money for Beat has given me the healthy goal I required to help me follow the winding path of recovery.

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