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Happy Volunteers' Week!

It’s Volunteers’ Week! From giving talks and interviews on their personal experience, to advising on our responses to policy proposals, to reviewing the content we publish, the work volunteers do is essential to Beat. Without our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to do half as much to spread awareness, raise funds, and directly help people affected by eating disorders.

We’re also lucky to have the help of our office volunteers, who do essential work alongside Beat staff. As she neared the end of her time with Beat, fundraising volunteer Danielle reflected on the year and a half she’d spent here.

I had originally planned to get a few months of experience in an office environment with no career goal in mind and feeling like I was completely inexperienced. One-and-a-half years, a wonderful team of supportive people, successful fundraising collections, supporting runners at the London Marathon, a record-breaking Sock It during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, a 24-hour pole dance-a-thon and a whole lot of cakes and treats later… I am now saying goodbye to the lovely people at Beat and hello to an exciting new role that I wouldn't have been able to get without them.

Thanks to the variety of tasks, skills and opportunities made available to me by being part of the Fundraising team at Beat, I am now in a paid internship in London, working in the Engagement and Fundraising department of a respected healthcare charity.

I feel that I have grown and developed alongside Beat because its ever-increasing success is inspiring and has motivated me to put all of my care and effort into anything I do. I have seen how the work that I have been involved in is truly achieving the goal of helping more sufferers of eating disorders to recover.

What makes Beat different to most other workplaces is that everyone works together, so no achievement or contribution is overlooked and you feel like your concerns, suggestions and aims are cared about and supported. As a volunteer, you are always reminded how grateful the team are for your help and there are lots of social events and in-office celebrations that you are invited along to, so you feel included and appreciated even if you are only in once a week.

Volunteering with Beat is an amazing opportunity that will support your personal and professional development and open doors for you!

We’d like to thank all of our volunteers, whether they volunteer in the office, at events, or remotely. Their contribution is invaluable.