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"I'd recommend it to everyone": Take to the skies for Beat!

Take part along with hundreds of other brave fundraisers, and skydive together to help end the pain and suffering caused by eating disorders. Here, Hannah tells us about her jump.

What encouraged you to sign up to do a skydive in aid of Beat?

I have always wanted to skydive but decided that I wanted to do it for charity. I wanted to raise money for a charity that is close to my heart and show my appreciation for Beat’s incredible work. Their support services, including online support groups, helplines and social media posts, support sufferers and their loved ones, and cannot be run without these funds. I wanted to raise awareness of eating disorders and show that there is more to life than being trapped by these mental illnesses.

How did you approach your fundraising, and what support did you receive from Beat?

I was extremely hesitant when I first started fundraising. I found sharing my experience for the first time daunting, but knew that I needed to take this step in my recovery and use what I have been through to help others. Beat were extremely supportive throughout the entire process, emailing me to offer support and have a chat. I received a skydive information pack, fundraising pack and Beat T-shirt that I wore on my jump. They reassured me about my worries, helping me to overcome the fear of sharing my story. I received graphics to share on social media, ideas of videos and blogs to link and was called to see how I was getting on and wish me good luck before the big day!

Were you worried about sharing your story on your Just Giving page at first, and what would your advice be to others?

I was extremely scared to share my story on my Just Giving page at first. Eating disorders are very secretive and hidden illnesses and I had not shared my story with anyone outside of my immediate family. I would advise others to feel the fear and do it anyway! Sharing my story allowed me to help others and sparked enlightening conversations. I’m so grateful for the positive words of encouragement from all of those around me and for the generous donations.

What are your personal highlights?

My personal highlight was the freefall of the skydive. The most incredible experience is when you fall out of the plane and are just falling through the sky with nothing to hold you back. It felt free – there is nothing but the open air and wind in your face. It was exhilarating!

What advice would you give to other people considering signing up?

DO IT! I want to do it again! I would recommend it to everyone. It may be a scary thought, but it is such an amazing thing to do. You won’t regret it and will most likely want to jump out of a plane again very soon.

Sum up the experience in three words.

Fight for freedom!

Contributed by Hannah