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29 June 2020

Fundraising for Beat Helped Me Find Meaning in Lockdown

When lockdown came into force – what seems like a whole lifetime ago – I struggled. Like many people who experience eating problems, I felt so threatened by the changes in routine, the limited availability of certain foods, the massive uncertainty of it all

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24 June 2020

"I've not only gained weight; I've gained happiness"

I want to shed some light on diet culture and what it drove me to do to myself for eight years. I will never get those eight years back, but what I do know is that I will never put myself through all the self-inflicted pain it took in order to look a certain way.

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26 February 2020

"I feel very lucky to have found a support group"

I feel very lucky to have found a support group – but it would have been wonderful if this had been available more locally.

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10 May 2019

Committed to Recovery

I realised that in the past I did want to get better and be recovered but I wasn’t ready to face the fear, to accept the changes and battle against my eating disorder.

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24 April 2019

You have to work hard to achieve recovery, but it is achievable.

Bulimia isn’t a disease or bug you just get over by taking antibiotics. It is a mental illness that takes over.

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1 April 2019

Am I ready to let go?

It’s been fourteen years. Ten of which have been filled with numerous psychological treatments at four different eating disorder services. Now it’s time. Time to finally say goodbye to you.

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18 March 2019

My fight for recovery

My battle with anorexia and bulimia made me lose my identity. Recovering from an eating disorder seemed very daunting and overwhelming but I knew it was something I had to do.

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14 January 2019

"There is a life beyond sickness, and it is beautiful."

Recovery. It evokes so many different emotions for different people. It may frighten you, it may frustrate you, it may encourage you. For me, recovery is all that and more.

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10 October 2018

Hello wellness

Eating disorders come in many different shapes and sizes. Some people have it their entire life, some people limit themselves so much that their bodies starve, some people have binge eating disorder.

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7 September 2018

Only in the process of recovery did I discover who I was.

Any recovery takes time. There’s no set pace or step-by-step guide and everyone will have a different experience going through recovery.

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27 August 2018

There’s no shame here

We live in a world where our society defines us. A world where we must look perfect and act perfect to fit in. But what is perfect? What is normal?

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4 May 2018

Why wait?

There are so many reasons why it is important to speak out about an eating disorder as soon as possible, that I could go on forever. The longer that an eating disorder, such as anorexia, goes untreated, the more severe it becomes.

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