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Mayuri's story: "One day, you’ll look back and be an inspiration."

My name is Mayuri and I’ve been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other mental health problems since 2013. I was born with autism, which was diagnosed in 2007. In 2018, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

“Eating disorders are never easy and even though every day might seem like a constant battle, you are strong enough and brave enough to conquer it. But only at your own pace.” 

Since my eating disorder diagnosis, I’ve had treatment after treatment with therapist after therapist, and seen numerous other health professionals in various sectors. This included local GPs (General Practice), eating disorder nurses, therapists, dieticians, and physicists etc. It’s still an ongoing battle for me...

After completing my first treatment back in 2019 (CAT – Cognitive Analytic Therapy), I thought it would be the end of an era for me. However, it turned out that this wasn’t the end, and people around me were still worried.

I thought that the treatment didn’t work because I was attending these sessions to keep the peace at home, rather than for myself.

“When going to therapy it’s always best to choose what’s right for you. There are different options out there, but the key is to find THE ONE FOR YOU!” 

I thought keeping the peace would help, yet, things continued to derail and less than a year later I was back for more treatment, this time undergoing CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Unfortunately, my sessions didn’t go on as long as they should have due to having my own barriers at play.

After having a long hard think about the future and where I wanted to go with my journey and recovery from my eating disorder, it took me on a wild spin- one that I am still slowly coming to terms with.

“They say acceptance is key! Once you come to terms with something, you’ll know how to face it.” 

Acceptance, however, wasn’t the case for me. Sometimes, I still don’t think I have an eating disorder, and that my ways of consuming is “normal”. Although, loved ones would beg to differ.

Once my CBT was over, my parents decided for to try DBT (Dialect Behavioural Therapy). This was a real eye opener for me. Instead of basing the sessions around my daily intake, it was heavily focused on future goals and what I wanted to achieve in the short term.

This gave me a new perspective towards life and I encouraged myself to get a job and to try and step out of my comfort zone, as I have really bad social anxiety. Alternatively, I spent time finding ways to jump out of my shell and to experience the world in a more positive light.

In the past several months, I’ve managed to move out of London, and I’ve recently started volunteering for a charity that supports those who are suffering from self-harm and want tattoo cover ups. I’ve also been trying to find a stable job- as well as being put on a waiting list for MANTRA Therapy.

“Sometimes, it takes more than one therapist, as you have to find the one that you can gel with the best!” 

I know this journey isn’t easy for anyone.

"Suffering from an eating disorder and/or from mental health won't always be a smooth sail. You might get caught up in the waves, before seeing the smoothness of the water again." 

I want you to know that one day, you’ll look back and be an inspiration. Don’t let what you have overpower you and your life. I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t be afraid to create something incredible; to seize a brighter future.

I believe in you!

-Contributed by Mayuri

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