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"Recovering one recipe at a time"

My name is Katie, I am 36, and I am recovering from anorexia. I have lived with anorexia for nearly seven years.

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Why the journey to recovery is just as important as the outcome

This week has been tough. We all lose our way now and again; we lapse and other old behaviours and habits come back to haunt you.

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From eating disorders and self-harm to health and happiness

There was no significant traumatic event, no disruptive home life – in fact, on paper everything looked perfect and I should have been happy.

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Here's to kinder, happier holidays for us all

I’ll be celebrating the little things and being kind to myself. I’ll be patting my own back every time I can see something’s got slightly easier for me,

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You can beat anorexia

I am writing this to tell you that you can beat anorexia. I have.

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Honour your body for all it does for you

Now a Staff Nurse, I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to help others heal, cope with or pass away from various illnesses.

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Why can’t you just eat like everyone else?

I can’t say it's been easy. But you need to be stronger than this voice in your head that is not yours.

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"People find it very difficult to understand other people."

I'd suffered with anorexia nervosa and bulimia for a year. Many people have perceptions & stigmas with these words, and don't realise every case is different.

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"You're Just Not Sick Enough"

It takes a lot of strength to admit that you are struggling... that you need help.

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No single cause: the truth about eating disorders

Emily tackles the myths surrounding eating disorders looking at some of the research into the causes of anorexia nervosa.

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