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Our training courses

With training from Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, you’ll learn how to pick up on early signs of eating disorders, how to approach someone you’re concerned about, and what you can do to help them into the treatment they need.

Our skills-based workshops are led by clinicians with first-hand experience of working with people with eating disorders. The courses are designed to suit the needs of many different people who may come across someone with an eating disorder in their personal or professional life.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of our courses moved from an in-person to an online format. Going forward, we’ll continue to review how we run our training to ensure that we’re meeting attendees’ needs.

To learn more about each of our training courses, or to book them, choose from the options below. You can also search current conference information here.

Training for Health Care Professionals

Training for GPs and Primary Care Clinicians

This course offers comprehensive eating disorder training for GPs and Primary Care Clinicians within the UK.

Training for Nurses

This course offers comprehensive eating disorder training for nurses within the UK.

Training for Dietitians, Pharmacy and Oral Health Teams

Tailored webinars for dietitians and those working in community pharmacy or oral health within the UK.

Training for Medical Students and Foundation Doctors

This course offers everything you need to deliver comprehensive eating disorders training in your medical school or foundation programme within the UK.

Training for Healthcare Professionals

Ideal for GPs, nurses, dentists, cardiologists, and many other healthcare professionals within the UK.

Training on Medical Monitoring

Guidance on safe and sensitive monitoring of patients with eating disorders, no matter where you are in the UK.

Training for professionals in Acute medical settings

This course offers comprehensive eating disorder training for professionals working in acute medical settings within the UK.

Community of Practice sessions

Our Community of Practice sessions are for anyone who’s taken part in our nursing or GP and primary care workforce training.

Training Workshops

Training for School Staff

SPOT (Schools Professionals Online Training) is our e-learning platform that is designed to enable school professionals to help pupils into treatment quickly.

Training for University Staff

Bridging the Gap is for anyone working closely with university students. You will increase the chances of early detection and prevent students falling through the gaps, ensuring cases are picked up.

Training for Parents & Carers

We run a number of skills workshops for people supporting someone with an eating disorder.

Conferences and Events

Our conferences and events allow you learn more about eating disorders and gain practical advice and skills, both through talks and workshops and give you valuable networking opportunities.

Other individuals, groups or organisations

If you aren’t one of these groups of people above, you can still get in touch to enquire by emailing or calling us on 01925 912829. However please be aware that, due to the continued growth of Beat, we are having to make careful decisions about the work we take on to ensure we can maintain a high standard in everything we do and so may not be able to provide you with bespoke training straight away.