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Training for University Staff

Bridging the Gap

This course is on hold.  For further information please get in touch by emailing us or calling us on 01925 912829.

University is an exciting time but can also be a time of significant change and pressure. Students who are vulnerable can develop an eating disorder; students who already have one may find it gets worse. The university environment can mask symptoms and make it harder for students to stay connected to treatment services and their support network.

Bridging the Gap is for anyone working closely with university students. You will increase the chances of early detection and prevent students falling through the gaps, ensuring cases are picked up.

"A well-constructed course... good references during the session and plenty of references supplied to allow learners to discover more after the session."


Learning Outcomes

  • How the university environment could contribute to an eating disorder’s development.
  • How to spot the early signs of an eating disorder.
  • The challenges students with eating disorders face.
  • Approaching a student you’re worried about and supporting them to get the help they need.
  • Assessing whether a student is well enough for study.
Course structure

This is a structured and interactive workshop. You will reflect on your own practice and within groups share stories and experiences. This course will also include presentations, putting learning into practice, understanding Beat’s services and signposting to local services. Where possible you will hear from a Beat Ambassador on their lived experience of an eating disorder and develop an action plan to end the day.

Why Bridging the Gap?
  • Increase your skillset.
  • Confidence to spot the signs of an eating disorder.
  • Develop the confidence to approach high risk students.
  • Learn how to advocate local eating disorder services.
  • Opportunity to network with peers.

"I have had lots of superb feedback from many staff who attended and a real sense of ‘we need to get better at what we do’ and I am confident they will now that they are armed with a better understanding."

"Beat do vital work in sharing knowledge about eating disorders and helping prevent what could be huge issues in someone’s life as well as aiding them through the treatment process. It’s so important to have this training to equip yourself on how you can play a part."

How to book

Unfortunately, this course is on hold for the foreseeable future. We may have other relevant resources for you - please contact our training team by emailing us or calling us on 01925 912829, if you are interested in these.