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The Time is Nawr!

The 2018 review of eating disorder services in Wales made 22 ambitious recommendations with the vision to ensure early detection and quick access to evidence-based treatment in every part of Wales. The recommendations included the introduction of specific waiting time targets for people of all ages and ensuring that patients and their families/carers are properly informed and supported.

But, progress has been slow and we’re still waiting for a plan to achieve this vision across Wales.

“There is hardly any support in our area, and what there is doesn’t seem to be working.” - Carer

Since the report was published, the COVID-19 pandemic has had particularly serious impacts on people with eating disorders. It has led to many more people seeking treatment and further increased pressure on clinicians and services. This means that progress in expanding and improving eating disorder services is now even more urgent.

In January 2022 we published a report, ‘The Welsh Eating Disorder Service Review: 3 years on’, that found while some progress has been made to expand and improve services in Wales since 2018, this progress has been slow and uneven, continuing the postcode lottery.

Together, we have taken a stand

We wrote an open letter to Lynne Neagle MS, Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing , reminding her about the findings of the report and urging her to act now and make the recommendations an urgent priority. Nearly 400 people from Wales added their name to the letter, and stood with us in calling for urgent action.

We've delivered the letter, but it's not too late to get your voice heard on this. Later this year there will be a consultation into the Welsh Government’s proposed new mental health strategy. We are keen to gather your views to help inform our response to the consultation. Join our mailing list to stay in touch about this important issue and look out for the opportunity to have get your voice heard!


The Welsh Eating Disorder Service Review – 3 Years on (2021)

This report assesses the progress that has been made in expanding and improving eating disorder services across Wales in response to the eating disorder service review 2018. It sets out the actions needed from the Welsh Government and NHS Wales to ensure more equal progress across Wales.

Adolygiad Gwasanaeth Anhwylder Bwyta yng Nghymru - 3 blynedd yn Ddiweddarach (2021)

Mae'r adroddiad hwn yn asesu’r cynnydd sydd wedi’i wneud wrth ehangu a gwella gwasanaethau anhwylderau bwyta ledled Cymru mewn ymateb i adolygiad gwasanaeth anhwylder bwyta 2018. Mae’n nodi’r camau gweithredu sydd eu hangen gan Lywodraeth Cymru a GIG Cymru i sicrhau cynnydd mwy cyfartal ledled Cymru.

Welsh Government Eating Disorder Service Review (2018)

This independent review was commissioned by the Welsh Government. It provides a detailed account of eating disorder services across Wales and sets out a vision based on early intervention, specialist treatment and support for families and other carers.

Adolygiad Gwasanaeth Anhwylder Bwyta Llywodraeth Cymru (2018)

Comisiynwyd adolygiad annibynnol gan Lywodraeth Cymru. Mae’n cynnig cyfrif manwl o wasanaethau anhwylder bwyta ledled Cymru ac yn nodi gweledigaeth yn seiliedig ar ymyriadau cynnar, triniaeth arbenigol a chefnogaeth ar gyfer teuluoedd a gofalwyr eraill.