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Beat Directors discuss COVID-19 crisis on Good Thinking podcast

On 3 July our Chief Executive Andrew Radford and Director of Services Caroline Price joined Dr. Richard Graham, Clinical Director at Good Thinking: London’s Digital Mental Wellbeing Service, on the Good Thinking podcast to talk about the impact of coronavirus on people with eating disorders, Beat’s response to the crisis, and what changes we're planning for the future.

The past few months have proved one of Beat’s toughest challenges, seriously threatening our funding and stalling many areas of our work. We know that it’s been even more difficult for people affected by eating disorders, leaving people isolated, without access to their usual support networks, safe foods, and routines.

Beat has produced information about coronavirus and eating disorders, run additional, longer support groups, and expanded capacity on the Helpline to meet demand that continues to rise. We are lucky to have so many fantastic supporters, whose generosity and creativity allowed us to begin to fill the gap in funding threatened by the pandemic and look to the future.

As restrictions begin to lift, we’ll keep adapting, not only trying to counter the “new normal” but also figure out how we can offer even better services to those who need us.

Find out more by listening to the podcast here.