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Breaking up with Ana

Dear Ana, 

I’m breaking up with you. 

We’re done. We’re through. 

You no longer make me happy. 

I’m not sure you ever did. 

It was all an illusion.

All a great big lie. 

You deceived me and you tricked me.

And most of the time made me cry. 

But now I see you for what you truly are. 

I see through you and your evil ways. 

You don’t want what’s best for me. 

You just want to dictate. 

You’re not looking out for me.

And you don’t have my back. 

You’re dangerous and you're sneaky and I hate you for that. 

So please collect your things.

Leave the corners of my mind.

Take it all with you.

And don’t leave anything behind. 

This might sound hostile. 

Or come as a shock.

You thought you had complete control.

But guess what?

I’m still here.

And I’m still me. 

I don’t want to stay friends.

Or meet up occasionally.

It’s over. Whatever this was. 

It can no longer be.

So, goodbye and good riddance. 

And hello recovery. 



Contributed by Isabelle

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