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No More

'No more, thank you'
As she piles my plate high
'Mum, I’m not hungry'
That’s my favourite lie

 'No more,' I say
Into hurt and worried eyes
'When did you last eat?'
I don’t want to reply 

'No more, I’m fine'
Yet on these words, I stumble
As I try to hide
My starving stomach’s rumble 

'No more,' I cry
I’m tired of the lying
No one will believe me
But I swear that I am trying 

'No more,' I beg
My words become loud
But I can still hear Ana
She says I make her proud 

'No more,' I plead
It shouldn't be like this
Ana, can't you see?
My life before, I miss 

No more, Ana
The number may get lower
But I just feel bigger
Though my heart, it beats slower 

'No more,' I shout
I cannot cope much longer
I feel frail and weak
Ana promised I’d feel stronger 

No more, enough!
I want my family and friends
Ana took them from me
But now this has to end

No more! No more!
It’s time for me to live
One day I’ll be happy
I have so much love to give

P.S. I would encourage anyone struggling to come forward and talk about their problems because nobody can help if they aren't aware. Remember that you are beautiful and that your body deserves to be nourished.

Contributed by Holly

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