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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I don’t reach my target by the date of my skydive?

If you’re worried that you won’t reach the minimum by your skydive contact the fundraising team at Beat who will be able to support you and give you some tips and ideas. Don’t worry! We’ll be able to support you with your fundraising and our supporters on average raise much more than the minimum target!

But you also have the option to postpone your skydive date with Skyline. You will need to contact Skyline to do this and you may need to pay a cancellation fee.

Can I pay the jump costs myself?

Yes. There is an option to pay your own jump costs and then there is no minimum fundraising target – just raise as much as you can. Contact Skyline before booking to find out the price of the skydive at your local airfield as the price will vary at different airfields across the country. Remember to let the Beat Fundraising Team know.

Is the £50 registration fee refundable?

No, the registration fee will secure your booking on a date of your choice and is not refundable. It does not count towards your fundraisng target. Please contact Skyline for full terms and conditions.

Why are there weight limits for skydives?

Skydives have weight limit to ensure the skydive is carried out safely and to prevent injury. Parachutes have a listed weight range that cannot be exceeded when safely skydiving.

The weight limits for men and women can vary between airfields – you can click here to see the limits at each airfield. Click on your selected location to see the details.

Some airfields have a very strict height to weight ratio – if you are unsure please contact and we can let you know the limits with regards to your height. When you book your skydive and provide your height and weight please ensure it’s within the weight limit of your airfield. We appreciate that this might be a sensitive issue for many of our fundraisers, so please do read our section on looking after yourself and remember you can find support on the Beat Website at any time and call our helpline for support.

What airfields have a weight limit?

Please select your chosen airfield to find out the weight limit

How can I keep myself safe whilst skydiving and fundraising for my skydive?

Please make sure that you put your own health first and don’t take part in a skydive if you think it could put your health and wellbeing in jeopardy.

Before choosing to take part in a skydive it is essential that you know and understand the risks. Please ensure you read through the organiser’s guidance carefully before booking.

The third party event organiser we use for skydives is called Skyline. They have their own procedures in place to manage risk and establish if you are safe to jump, including a medical form which must be completed. You can find out more about Skyline’s procedures here.

If you are currently suffering with an eating disorder, we strongly recommend that you:

  • Consider whether you are ready to talk about your experience
  • Ask your friends and family for their advice and support when choosing to take part in a skydive
  • Tell your doctor about your fundraising plans and discuss how they may impact your recovery
  • Avoid setting goals or fundraising targets that could be pressurising

Remember, fundraising should always be an enjoyable, empowering experience and it should never impact negatively on your physical or mental health.

How can I access support?

If you need support with the booking process you contact The Community Fundraising Team by emailing or calling 01603 753308

You can also contact for questions about the skydive, medical forms and any worries or concerns about a skydive.

And you can find support on the Beat Website at any time and call our helpline for support.

Need more information?

Contact the team at

Health and Wellbeing

Any skydive is an extremely demanding physical challenge. We strongly suggest that you consult your doctor or clinician before taking part in this event, especially if you have a current or previous medical condition including any experience of an eating disorder. Please also ensure you read and agree to our Fundraising Guidelines.