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Your Little Guide to The Big Jump!

Two people skydiving with the words The Big Jump 2023 on the lefthand side

Bookings for The Big Jump 2023 have now closed.

Register your Interest for The Big Jump 2024 by emailing the team on or calling us on 01603 753308.

If you're interested in taking on a skydive for Beat sooner why not check out our regular skydives.

Interested in The Big Jump 2024?

Check out a preview of what to expect by watching Rebecca our superstar skydiver take on her Big Jump last year.

Here's a sneaky preview of what to expect! Watch our superstar skydiver Rebecca take on the Big Jump for Beat last year 🪂💜

“How does jumping out of a plane help Beat” we hear you ask? Let’s take a look.

Elaine's Big Jump

Elaine Big Jump Image 1

Elaine rocking her Beat T-shirt

"As soon as I read about the Big Jump I knew i had to do it and signed up quickly before I could change my mind"

Elaine Big Jump Image 2

Smiles and laughter whilst getting ready

"My daughter is so brave every day in the way she works to overcome her eating disorder. What’s jumping out of a plane in comparison to that?"

Elaine Big Jump Image 5

Soaring through the skies

"The jump itself was wonderful and I’d recommend it to everyone"

Fabulous Fundraising Ideas

  1. Organise a raffle by asking friends, family, colleagues and local businesses to donate prizes –then sell tickets to help you reach your target.
  2. If someone donates something extra special, why not have an auction? You can also add creative crafting workshops to the auction list – with all proceeds going to your skydive.
  3. Hold a pamper party, darling. And invite all your friends.
  4. Make things interesting with a sweepstake, whether it’s football or the latest competition on TV.
  5. Become quiz master for the night. Charge teams to join — and make it crystal clear you’ll accept bribes for every clue.
  6. Arts & Crafts your thing? Sell your wares to reach your target!
  7. Style it out with a themed fancy dress competition at work.
  8. Have a film night! Invite your nearest and dearest and pick a couple of family favourites. Provide popcorn and snacks and some annoying background chatter to curate the perfect cinema experience. Oh - and don't forget to sell the tickets!
  9. Make the most of your networks! Ask friends, family and colleagues to donate. They can even donate a small amount each month.
  10. Pop this poster in your staffroom or spread the word at your local pub or club.

Need a hand?

We’re here to help. Reach out on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, email us at or give us a call on 01603 753 308.