Current Campaigns

With all of our campaigns, we hope we can move a step closer to getting everyone with an eating disorder the early treatment they need and deserve. Click the links below to learn about what we’re working on right now, as well as how you can help make a difference.

Public Health Not Public Shaming

Not only have Government anti-obesity campaigns been largely ineffective in reducing obesity, their stigmatising nature has put people vulnerable to or currently experiencing an eating disorder at increased risk. This has to change.

End the Wait

We know that treating people with eating disorders quickly gives the best possible chance of recovery.  Unfortunately, on average over three years pass between the symptoms of an eating disorder emerging and treatment starting.

Increase Eating Disorder Training

On average, UK students receive less than two hours teaching on eating disorders throughout their entire medical degree. This must change.

Make local change

Right now, the NHS are making plans for the next five years. It’s important that we let them know that eating disorders must get the focus they deserve in your area.

End the Wait in Wales

Ask your health board to support the recommendations made in the Welsh Eating Disorder Service Review.