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That Hateful Phrase

‘This diet's going well,’ the young woman said, as she brushed the crumbs of chocolate from the sheets on her bed.

‘This cream doesn't work,’ the middle-aged woman cried, as she looked at all the lotions and potions that she had tried.

‘I've never loved my body,’ the old woman huffed, as she switched off the TV when the adverts got too much.

‘Don't worry, everyone hates their body!’ shout women everywhere, as girls look in the mirror and scrutinise themselves with despair.

Why do we perpetuate this enormous lie, that sets a beauty standard that makes grown women cry?

Self-love and self-acceptance, which to happiness are key, are seen as simply arrogance or shameful vanity.

We normalise the self-hate with the same misguided phrase that's meant to provide comfort and make people feel okay.

Instead we should be challenging ideas and inspiring each other to grow, to shout new words and create change so everyone will know...

‘It's okay to love yourself and flaunt your body with pride. Not everyone hates their body and you have no reason to hide,

The rolls of fat, the cellulite, the spots upon your head – embrace them all and share the words that self-hatred is dead!’

Contributed by Josie