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Just live

So what are you supposed to do?
When you no longer look broken,
Needing to be repaired.
By the people surrounding you
To be nurtured and protected
From the outside world.

Oh, how I crave that safety sometimes
Of feeling like I can hide away
And be no one for a little while.
But I have learnt

That I am not supposed to look ill.
It is not my life’s aim.
Striving for happiness
In myself
And whatever dreams I may have
Which I can achieve
Without an eating disorder getting in the way.

Stop striving to be the sickest
Because it will get you nowhere.
Just feeling stuck
And afraid.

You can feel okay again,
Without all the comforts
That you told yourself
You could not survive without.

Well, look where that got you. 

It may not feel like it every day,
But you’ve worked hard for this life.
So just

Live it.

Contributed by Rachel