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Recovery must be your choice, the one you must make
Despite the eating disorder feeling like your only friend,
This is not real, it’s an illusion, it’s all fake. 

It covers your eyes and ears from your friends and family around you,
Stealing the only life you get
From feeling true happiness, joy and all the emotions we must go through. 

Life is there to be lived, not controlled or numbed out by food,
Happiness and love is not dictated by calories, numbers or weight.
It’s what is inside you that people care about, what’s inside your heart.

Living in the clutch of an eating disorder, you are not living at all.
You are living with someone who will never love you back,
Who is stealing your years away,
Every second, every hour, every day.

You will never get those days back, the ones you’ve cancelled on your friends and family,
All the experiences and opportunities you’ve missed out on, the people you never met,
By hiding in your room lonely, guilty and ashamed.
This is not the real you, it is your eating disorder that is to be blamed. 

So be strong and untie that blindfold which is keeping you in the dark,
From realising your goals and dreams in the world and leaving your mark.
There’s so much life and beauty out there to be lived and be enjoyed.

It’s so hard to want to recover and admit that you need help
But once you do, I promise you won’t regret it,
You deserve to love yourself and be well.
Recovery is always worth it.

Contributed by Sarah


11 July 2019

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