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Community of Practice Sessions

Are you part of the UK nursing, GP or primary care workforce? Join our community.

Last year, we worked with NHS England to train healthcare professionals on eating disorders. This includes free, clear, and comprehensive e-Learning for nurses, GPs and other primary care staff. It’s part of our ongoing work to help people with eating disorders get help early, no matter where they come into the healthcare system.

We want people to be able to talk about what they’ve learned, ask questions about specific topics, and connect with others who’ve taken the training too.

That’s why we’ve developed our Community of Practice sessions. And we’d love you to join.

So, what are we offering?

Our Community of Practice sessions are for nursing, GP or primary care staff who have completed our nursing or GP and primary care workforce training.

Sessions are delivered by a specialist eating disorders clinician, and offer a safe, supportive and dedicated virtual space to meet and discuss eating disorders. Anyone who’s taken the training will have the chance to share knowledge, consider the application of their learning to practice, and network with their peers.

What do we need from you?

Sessions run monthly for 1-hour via Zoom, and you can join as often as you like.

To get the most out of the sessions, make sure to complete the e-Learning relevant to your profession, click here to access.

Interested? Sign up below.

GPs and primary care sessions

These sessions run on the first Thursday of the month between 12-1pm

Nursing sessions

These sessions run on the first Tuesday of the month between 12-1pm


We have created a list of useful links and reading for the sessions.

Attended a session?

Have your say below by filling out our evaluation survey. This will be used to help us improve our work, so we are able to help the most people in the best way.

Sessions are recorded for training and monitoring purposes and will not be shared externally. If you have any questions please contact the training team