School Staff

Spotting the Signs


While eating disorders can affect anyone of any age, school-age children are a particularly vulnerable group, and potential factors in an eating disorder’s development, such as trouble with peers and academic pressure, can appear in the school environment. School staff are ideally placed to spot the early signs of an eating disorder. 

Spotting the Signs is designed to enable you to help pupils into treatment quickly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the three major eating disorders and the impact they can have on day-to-day life.
  • Risk factors and early warning signs.
  • Possible barriers to early intervention and how these may be overcome.
  • How to support pupils.
  • How to refer a pupil to an eating disorder service and the services Beat offers.

Course Structure

This is a structured and interactive workshop from 9.30am-4.30pm with lunch included. 

You will reflect on your own practice and within groups share stories and experiences. This course will also include presentations, putting learning into practice, understanding Beat’s services and signposting to local services. Also, where possible you will hear from an ambassador on their lived experience of an eating disorder and develop an action plan to end the day.


Aside from the compelling topic, the whole day just left me feeling empowered and made me feel something that most training courses don’t – that I can help the young people in my care with very little if any extra workload or sense of dread!
An informative, comprehensive and well-structured course delivering very good CPD Value. Strong interactivity with a variety of case studies, activities, videos, and opportunities through discussion to boost learning and engagement throughout the course.

Course Benefits

  • Earn CPD credits.
  • Feel confident at spotting the signs.
  • Learn how to advocate early intervention.
  • Develop the authority to make a referral.
  • Receive lifetime access to a specialist helpline for coaching support.


Spotting the Signs is currently available in Yorkshire, the North West, North East, Scotland, London, North East Essex and Sussex. For more information, please email or call us on 01925 912806.

Location Date Book
North East Essex September 16, 2019 Book
Hull October 8, 2019 Book
Newham October 16, 2019 Book
Huddersfield October 17, 2019 Book
Islington October 17, 2019 Book
Wakefield November 7, 2019 Book
Stockton-on-Tees November 19, 2019 Book
Durham November 26, 2019 Book
Newcastle November 28, 2019 Book
Sunderland December 3, 2019 Book
Medway November 14, 2019 Book
West Sussex February 6, 2020 Book