Training & CPD

With training from Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, you’ll learn how to pick up on early psychological, behavioural and physical signs of eating disorders, how to approach someone you’re concerned about, and what you can do to help them into the treatment they need.

Our four skills-based workshops are led by clinicians with first-hand experience of working with people with eating disorders. The courses are designed to suit the needs of many different people who may come across someone with an eating disorder in their personal or professional life.

To learn more about each of our training courses, or to book them, choose from the options below. You can also search current conference information here.

I am a medical student

Our medical student and foundation doctor training offers everything you need to deliver eating disorders training in your medical school or foundation programme.

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I am a healthcare professional

Our Beyond the Symptoms course will help you identify when a patient has an eating disorder, and confidently intervene early.

I am a university professional

Our Bridging the Gap course will help you approach and connect students to treatment services and support networks.

I am a parent or carer

Our Developing Dolphins course helps anyone caring for someone in a personal capacity to develop skills to work with their loved one towards recovery.

I am a school professional

Our Spotting the Signs course is designed to enable any school staff member to help pupils into treatment quickly.

Other individuals, groups or organisations

If you aren’t one of these groups of people above, we can still work with you to provide bespoke training to meet your needs. You can contact our training team to enquire by emailing or calling us on 01925 912829.