Rules for Online Services

Please note, our guidelines apply to all usernames for our online support groups. Any usernames that go against these guidelines - containing specific references to weight, BMI, food names and quantities, as well as detailed descriptions of self-harm, abuse of suicide - will be removed from all groups.

We are a UK-based charity and our information, resources and services are limited to those specifically living within the UK.

We want to ensure that Beat's online support services are a safe space for you to get the support you deserve, whilst also taking away practical skills and techniques to help you move forward with your recovery. We have developed a set of house rules and boundaries for our online services that we would encourage you to read in full. We will moderate any content that falls outside of these boundaries and our Helpline Advisors facilitate all online groups to ensure they are a safe environment for you. Our Advisors may also send you a private message asking you to change any content that goes against our guidelines.

Summary of house rules

We moderate all posts to our online services in four key areas, these include:

  • Keeping safe online: Beat's online services are anonymous, and to protect your anonymity, we will remove things that could identify you, such as details of where you live, contact information, social media profiles etc. You may find the Met Police website helpful in looking after yourself online.
  • Posting mindfully: There are some things that may be triggering to others that you may not see as a problem. We hope our online services provide a space where the focus is on how people feel. For this reason, we will moderate content and remove usernames that include references to weight, BMI, food names and quantities, detailed descriptions of self-harm techniques or abuse, and plans about or methods of suicide.
  • Posting respectfully: Share your experiences as you feel comfortable and remember to treat others as you would wish to be treated. Respect that others may choose not to participate in a post or answer questions. We will moderate offensive remarks and direct advice. You can talk about your experiences and what you have found helpful but try not to tell someone what to do, as you may not have the whole picture.
  • Posting responsibly: If you are writing about someone else, please do not refer to them by name and be mindful of how they may feel if they read what you have written. We will moderate references to specific people, including treatment centres. We also ask that you are mindful about the information you give and ask that you do not offer medical advice or refer to specific medications.


Confidentiality is fundamental to Beat’s services. However, there are some exceptional circumstances where we may pass on information. These include:

  • If we suspect a child may be at risk from harm.
  • If a user is at serious risk of harm, either from themselves or others.
  • If a user threatens or abuses our staff or other service users in our online groups.