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Fundraising at University

Find out what the Nursing Society at Edinburgh University have been up to to raise funds for Beat:

Going to university is an exciting new adventure! We want to ensure students can experience a happy, healthy university journey and know where to go for help and support when needed.

From speaking to students, we have found that 32% were diagnosed with an eating disorder during their university years.

By working directly with students like you and partnering with universities, we want to increase understanding of eating disorders on your campus, empower those affected to get the help and support they deserve and spread the message of hope that eating disorders can be overcome!

Your fundraising will help them know they’re not alone and support our Helpline services that are available 365 days a year.

Let us know you fundraising plans

Ideas for fundraising at university

  • Virtual dress up day – get together virtually and get dressed up.
  • Social media takeover - if you are a part of your SU, a club or society, ask them if you can take over their social media for the day.
  • Self-care event – use your skills and hold a mindfulness activity that everyone can enjoy.
  • Are you part of a RAG committee we’d be thrilled to partner with you.
  • I am a staff member or a representative at a Student Union – work with us to ensure students and staff receive the help they need.

Tamika is studying at Cardiff University and wanted to help us raise funds and awareness. Along with the Cardiff Ultimate Frisbee Club, she held an ultimate frisbee team tournament and a pub quiz, alongside sharing lots of information across their social media pages throughout the week.

Each person that entered the tournament was asked to donate £5 and they had an amazing turn out with 35 people taking part.

RS2899_Sports Team Uni Beat.jpeg

We had our tournament for Beat on Friday! It was a really fun event, and everyone really got into the charitable spirit which was great to see and acted as an incredible opportunity to spread awareness of eating disorders and help people become a bit more educated.

Due to lockdown restrictions, the club had to change their pub quiz plans and held it virtually instead, raising an additional £203!

If you need extra resources or want to chat through your plans, email or call us on 01603 753 308.