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Fundraising at School

Fundraising at school

Fundraising at your school is an amazing way of raising awareness and helping us continue to be there for people and families affected by eating disorders. It’s also great fun!

While eating disorders can affect anyone of any age, girls and young women are at particular risk. Schools can play a valuable role in encouraging discussion around eating disorders, and fundraising creates a great opportunity for that.

There are lots of ways you can get involved. Whether you have your own ideas, or you would like to take part in one of Beat’s events, we are here to make your fundraising event a success!

If your school has its own annual event and you want to donate to Beat this year, we are here to help as well. Get in touch to order leaflets, posters and fundraising resources, such as balloons, flags, stickers, posters, and collection buckets.

You will find a list of fundraising ideas below, but we love hearing your ideas and lots of schools come up with really creative and unique events. Let us know yours by getting in touch at or by calling 01603 753308.

Ideas for fundraising in your school

Download our “Celebrate You” activity game to get creative and encourage other students to celebrate what makes them unique and individual as they decorate each section of the Beat logo. Bring all of the designs together to create a school collage.

Once you have your fundraising idea, contact your school council or head teacher

and ask for permission to fundraise at school.

When your plans are finalised and you have the support of your school, you can kick start your fundraising by creating a Just Giving page for Beat.