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Fundraising at School

Fundraising at school

Fundraising at your school is an amazing way of raising awareness. You can help us continue to be there for people affected by eating disorders.

There are loads of different ways to fundraise for Beat. So why not sign up to fundraise, raise awareness and have some fun.

School staff are some of the best placed people to spot the early signs and give pupils they’re worried about support to get better.

School-age children are at a particularly high risk of developing eating disorders, with the pressures and transitions that come as part of school life among the possible triggers for these serious mental illnesses. Bullying, exams, difficulty adjusting to a new environment or way of working and worry about the future can all affect someone who is vulnerable to an eating disorder.

How To Get Involved...

Whether you have a unique idea or fancy taking part in one of our suggested activities, we are here to make your fundraising event a success!

We’d love to hear about your fundraising plans so we can best support you and your school. Get in touch to order fundraising resources such as leaflets, posters, balloons, flags, stickers, and collection buckets.

We'd love to hear about your fundraising plans.

You can email us at

Or call us on 01603 753 308

Are you looking to nominate Beat for your Youth and Philanthropy Initiative? Fill in our form below and a member of the Beat Community Fundraising Team will be in touch.

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Why not combine your fundraising with SPOT

SPOT (Schools Professionals Online Training) is our e-learning platform that is designed to enable school professionals to help pupils into treatment quickly.

SPOT provides you with online modules, resources and spaces to talk with other school professionals, and weekly drop-ins with clinicians, allowing you to share knowledge and advice, as well as discuss what you’ve learned.

Need Some Inspiration?

· Non School Uniform Day. Celebrate what makes each student unique.

· Walk & Talk

· Student VS Teacher Games or Sports

· Giant School Quiz – Get the whole school involved in a quiz assembly or as a form time activity.

· Get Crafty with a Craft-a-thon. Make cards, knit, paint or draw and raise money by selling your products

· Bake Sale

· Talent Show

· Or come up with your own unique activity

Download our 'Celebrate You' activity game to get creative and encourage other students to celebrate what makes them unique and individual as they decorate each section of the Beat logo. Bring all of the designs together to create a school collage.

Are you a student?

Download a template letter to give to your headteacher.

When your plans are finalised and you have the support of your school, you can kick start your fundraising by creating a Just Giving page for Beat.