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Fancy getting active whilst raising money to support those effected by eating disorders?

If you don't want to sign up for an organised event, you can do your own!
From running to yoga, choose an activity which you enjoy.




How to get started

  1. Pick your sport, a time and date, and create your JustGiving page. Personalise with your story and what you plan on doing for your fundraiser.
  2. Our fundraising team will send you tips, advice and support – plus your Beat t–shirt or running vest to wear on the day!
  3. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you. Or if you're holding a class, advertise to your community to reach a wider network and ask for a donation to join.
  4. Boost those donations! Share your page on your social media pages to reach a wider network and share on some local group pages to help spread the word.

Need some help? Check out our A-Z of fundraising ideas where you can find a whole host of sports you do.

Get inspired!

Maddie took on The Three Peak's walk in Scotland after she dreamed up the challenge whilst in recovery. Maddie and her family successfully completed the challenge and raised over £4000 for Beat.

Fundraising guidelines

Please follow our Fundraising Guidelines to ensure your fundraising is suitable, legal, and safe for everyone involved.

Fundraising hub

Everything you need to fundraise in one place. Get your fundraiser started by exploring our resource hub and feel inspired by reading some of our amazing supporter stories.

Organised events

Want to join in one of our organised events? Find more about the runs, marathons, treks, skydives and other challenges you can enter in to.