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Help secure the future of eating disorder services in Northern Ireland

In June 2021 the new 10 year Mental Health Strategy for Northern Ireland was published.

It is very encouraging that this ambitious plan aims to get people affected by eating disorders the treatment they need as quickly as possible.  There are also plans to ensure that the health and social care workforce supporting patients with an eating disorder have the right skills to do so, across community mental health teams, intensive day treatment facilities and medical and mental health wards.

However, this will only happen if the Mental Health Strategy, including the relevant sections on eating disorders secures the full amount of funding from the Northern Ireland Executive. The next health budget will shape services in Northern Ireland for the next three years.

It is very promising that health has been identified as a top priority, but this is yet to be firmly decided.

The Executive had opened a public consultation on the draft budget, but due to the recent developments with the NI Executive the consultation has now been paused.

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What is the Northern Ireland Executive?

The devolved government institutions of Northern Ireland are the Assembly and the Executive. The Executive is the devolved Government of Northern Ireland, which runs Northern Ireland on a day to basis.

The Executive is made up of Ministers, who are MLAs appointed by the Assembly to run the nine Government Departments. It is led by the First Minister and deputy First Minister.

Who are Members of the Assembly (MLAs)?

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are elected by, and represent the people of, Northern Ireland. MLAs make up the Assembly, which passes laws and examines policy on matters including health and education. They scrutinise the work of Ministers and hold Executive (Government) Departments to account. There are 5 MLAs in each constituency.

What is the Mental Health Strategy (2021-2031)

This strategy will set the future direction of mental health services in Northern Ireland, including eating disorders, for the next decade. We are calling on the Northern Ireland Executive to fund this in full. Mental Health Strategy 2021-2031 | Department of Health (