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Best Practice Campaign - Eating Disorder Services Staff Steering Group

We are aware that the NHS is facing an unprecedented demand for eating disorder services which has been further exacerbated by the pandemic and staff shortages. Eating disorder services are increasingly stretched and, with current levels of funding, staffing and resources, are not yet supported and equipped to consistently provide excellent care for those impacted by eating disorders.

We recognize that poor transition between services, lack of self-referral, lack of information and support for families, and a long duration of an untreated eating disorder are some issues impacting those affected by eating disorders and their loved ones. These issues contribute to poorer treatment outcomes, higher levels of distress for patients and their loved ones, protracted symptoms and increased duration of illness and treatment.  

Beat are working on a long-term project to:

To do this effectively, we need support from those who have worked in eating disorder services across all levels. We want to use your reflections and knowledge of the system to build a strong campaign that will have impact to support and equip eating disorder services. It is important our work is guided by accurate clinical input and creative thinking from experienced professionals like you.

We’d love to hear from you:

Duties will include but are not limited to:

To express your interest or ask for more information, please contact with your name, role and service.