Scottish Eating Disorder Service Review

In March 2020 Scottish Government announced a full review of Eating Disorder Services across Scotland.

The review will:

  • Cover all eating disorders services for children adolescents and adults and consider transition between services (including inpatient)
  • Include a needs assessment of services that are provided by the third sector and community eating disorder support across Scotland
  • Cross reference findings of the Mental Welfare Commission report “Hope for the future
  • Make recommendations for how specialist eating disorder services can best be provided in urban , semi-urban and rural areas, including how early intervention can be achieved through early referral systems in primary care, schools, third sector.
  • Make recommendations on the implementation of a public health approach to the prevention of eating disorders with Public Health Scotland
  • Make recommendations as to hoe data for eating disorders can be collated consistently
  • Make recommendation for what age range if any an eating disorder service should cover.

For the review to be successful it needs to hear from people who use the services and hear their experience of them; how they can be improved and where any gaps may be.

It will also hear from clinicians across the health service and from a variety of external organisations such as Beat, Linda Tremble Foundation, NHS National Education Scotland for example.

The review is happening now and due to be completed by Spring 2021.

How can you join in?

Do you have lived experience of eating disorder services in Scotland? Perhaps you have an eating disorder or are recovered? Maybe you have cared for a family member or supported a friend who has an eating disorder?

The review really needs to hear your opinion of the services in Scotland and how we can improve these.

We are organising a series of workshops over zoom where you can speak to others who may have a similar experience and help shape the future of eating disorder services in Scotland.

To take part in one of these workshops click the link below to register your interest. You will then receive an email with joining instructions.

Each of the workshops will be hosted by a trained facilitator and a clinician on hand for any support you may need.

The workshops will be held over zoom on the following dates: