The Sanctuary

Beat urgently needs your help to keep our services running, as there are very serious risks to our funding. Major fundraising events have been postponed or cancelled because of coronavirus and many of our key funding partners are now unable to support us. 

Every donation, whatever the size, helps us to provide support at this difficult time to anyone affected by eating disorders.


The Sanctuary is an online group created specifically in response to the Coronavirus & subsequent social distancing & anxieties this could lead to for people with an eating disorder. A safe space for people with an eating disorder to share concerns and advice on how they are coping with the pandemic. 

Eating disorders thrive in isolation, so it is important to stay connected and support each other through this.

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Sanctuary dates and times

Unlike our other online groups, The Sanctuary is available all day during helpline opening hours from 12:00pm to 8:00pm Monday to Friday & 4:00pm to 8:00pm on Saturday's and Sunday's. 

More information

If you have any questions or concerns about the group, please email