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Celebrating our Beat Fundraisers!

This week we’re celebrating the support and achievements of all our wonderful fundraisers. Beat could not exist without their contributions – our supporters have enabled us to extend our Helpline opening hours 365 days a year, 12-8pm Monday to Friday, 4-8pm Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays and continue our campaigning work, but they play an equally crucial role in challenging the stigma surrounding eating disorders, signposting our services and encouraging knowledge of these widely misunderstood mental illnesses.

Hundreds of inspirational fundraisers get involved each year in a vast array of activities – from adrenaline-charged skydives, to cross country treks, to brave head shaves, our fundraisers have seemingly done it all! So we want to say a huge thank you for being part of Team Beat. And if you’ve never been involved before, we hope this week will give you some inspiration and show that there’s something out there for everybody.

We’re starting the week off with Emily and Andrea, our Community Fundraising Officers, sharing some of their highlights.

What’s your favourite thing about your role?

Andrea: Every single fundraiser who gets in touch with us shares a very personal relationship to Beat and eating disorders. It’s amazing that for many people who have experienced an eating disorder personally, or through family or friends, fundraising can be a really positive goal and a way to change the lives of others going through similar situations.

Emily: It’s a real honour to work with so many inspiring and motivated Beat fundraisers who want to make a stand, raise awareness and support our amazing services. I really enjoy being part of everyone’s fundraising journey and supporting them right up to the day of their event! It’s always lovely to hear the fantastic and varied ideas too! Everyone is unique so why should fundraising be any different!?


Which fundraising events particularly stand out for you over the past year?

Andrea: I always love working on Sock It to Eating Disorders, our annual fundraising campaign. Wearing bold socks is a simple idea that anyone – regardless of age, fitness level or background – can take part in. I love seeing hundreds of sock photos all over social media during Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and lots of people go the extra mile. We’ve seen welly wangs, silliest socks competitions, and open mic nights – who knows what creative ideas we’ll see next year…

Emily: I think it’s our brave Beat skydivers. Whether they skydive to celebrate their recovery, jump in memory of a loved one, or just want to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime event for Beat, they’re all incredible! Skydives are great events because anyone can get involved year-round and all over the country too, as Skyline have airbases spread across the UK.


And looking forward, which events are you excited about for the future?

Andrea: Our new Walk & Talk event has been really popular so far, so I’m really looking forward to growing it with more Beat-organised walks and more people organising independent walks in their local communities. Feedback so far has shown it to be a great way to encourage relaxed discussion of eating disorders and raise awareness among friends and family.

Emily We’ll be launching our new Pamper Night soon, which is all about promoting self-care, good emotional health and positive wellbeing. We’ve put together lots of activity ideas, including bath bomb recipes, mindfulness colouring and much more to help fundraisers host the perfect pamper night! It will be a great event to get together with friends and family, supporting Beat’s services at the same time!


What’s are your top tips for anyone thinking of fundraising for Beat?

Andrea: Find the right event for you, share your passion and remember how your support helps to change the lives of people affected by eating disorders. And of course, don’t be afraid to ask us for help! That’s what we’re here for!

Emily: I would say never feel pressured to be part of an event that won’t be 100% right for you. Your fundraising needs to fit into your life and be fun – not a burden. And don’t be afraid of asking people for sponsorship – you’ll find that everyone will really want to get behind an amazing cause and support your passion and drive!

If you want to become part of an inspiring community of fundraisers, check out the events on our website or get in touch with Emily and Andrea on 01603 753335 or at